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We help inventors succeed.

Patents and Intellectual Property for Startups and Small Business

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“patents act as a catalyst that sets startups on a growth path by facilitating their access to capital”— Farre-Mensa et al (2016), The Bright Side of Patents

Ovodenovo works with inventors to create and manage strong and valuable patents. Protect your invention, protect your freedom to operate, and attract investors -- all for a price that fits a startup budget.

We involve you at every step and become experts in your tech. We believe this is the best way to help you secure the quality of patent protection you need. We work with companies we love for rates that are up front, reasonable, and transparent. We invest in your success.

We have expertise in a broad range of areas including energy resources and management, chemical synthesis, nuclear technology, pharmaceuticals and formulations, mining, polymer chemistry, engineering design, operational and business methods, electronic security, mechanical devices, genetics, metabolism, software, wearable technology, and model organisms.

We are registered to represent Canadian companies and inventors in the United States and Canada and have partnerships around the world to get you protection wherever you need it.

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We provide complete patent services with predictable & reasonable fees, transparency, and personalised service.


We start with a confidential and in-depth discussion to establish your needs and whether we are well-placed to meet them. This discussion is free of charge, and the total cost of the patenting process and other services is clearly laid out at this point.


We provide education for decision-makers and teams to help you identify and protect your intellectual property. Early education prevents costly inadvertent public disclosure and potential loss of rights.


We engage fully throughout the patent drafting process and ask the same of our clients. As a result, you end up with stronger patents.


We help to identify your protectable intellectual property. We aim to maximize the value of your patents.


We are registered to represent Canadian companies and inventors in the United States and Canada and have partnerships around the world to get you protection wherever you need it.


For companies that have ongoing need, we provide reasonable rates for Erin to serve as internal counsel.

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Erin is awesome :) She has made the much complicated and tedious patent application process a breeze for us and is great at getting at the details. I can't recommend her enough!

Erin has been a highly respected member of my IP team on a few different projects. Thanks for making us successful and compliant with the USPTO!

Melissa Hyslop, President at Malarkey Kids

Ron Dorombozi, President at RD3 Inc

I've worked with Erin a couple of times now. Erin brings a very high level of professionalism and also a wonderful sense of humour and easy-going nature. We gone through some very technical topics with Erin and she picks it up effortlessly. I had not gone through a patent application process before so I had some hesitation that it might be awkward or time consuming - Erin has been amazing at educating us on the process and accommodating different work styles.

Erin is a consummate professional and an excellent Patent Agent. Her chemistry background makes her a quick study when when it comes to drafting utility patents of a technical bent and she writes with great clarity and structure, even in the first draft. She is concious of both timelines and budgets and works diligently, with great efficiency. A pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Erin to any inventor needing to protect their intellectual property.

Geoffrey Whittington, Program Director at Security Compass

Andrew Kular, CEO at AirStoveOne

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Partner | Patent Agent

M.Sc. (Toronto), B.Ed. (Toronto), Registered Patent Agent

Erin is an experienced patent agent who personally serves the needs of all Ovodenovo's clients. Her passion is assisting small companies and independent inventors to position themselves for success.


Erin has a broad technical background including the areas of pharmaceutics, water, biotechnology, chemistry, catalysis, nuclear technology, optical displays, computer and operational systems, energy, electronic security, investment, wearable technology, apparel, mechanical devices, vehicles, and chemical engineering. 

In the community, Erin serves on the board of The Ottawa Network, is a former director of the SHAD program at Carleton University, and serves as a volunteer mentor and advisor for Ottawa entrepreneurs.



Partner | Intellectual Property Specialist

Ph.D. (Stanford)


Mark applies his 20+ years of experience in research and tech to help Canadian inventors understand and protect their intellectual property. Innovators engage him to position themselves for long-term success in collaboration, investment, and acquisition, including professional patent services through Ovodenovo Inc.

Mark's specific technical experience includes the fields of blockchain technology, information technology, biotechnology, computational biology, genomics, mechanistic enzymology, microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

In the community, Mark served on the board of the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy from 2014 to 2020 and is currently taking a break and exploring other opportunities.

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We serve clients throughout Canada and around the world.

We are located in Ottawa, Canada.

Thanks for submitting!

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